WWCMA Board of Directors

We’re currently working with WWCMA, who called us because their board was in crisis. They’d had a change in leadership that deeply disrupted the board (50% of the BOD were newly appointed) resulting in broken trust, high turnover, and poor communications. We were able to re-connect the founder to her vision for the organization, have facilitated a team building session that focused on improving communications, and are coaching the founder to be a better leader of her new team. We facilitated an off-site strategic planning session that was incredibly productive- the board could barely believe how much was accomplished, and they all left the session with a renewed sense of optimism and a powerful shared vision for 2018 and beyond. 

International Seafood Distributor

This Company was in the throes of accelerated growth and struggled to find qualified employees to meet the demands of the growth.  We conducted an assessment and realized the Company was still operating under the old family guide of being low key and keeping to themselves; promoting top performers and keeping loyal employees.  This all sounds wonderful except outside of the fishing industry no one in the community knew about this company. Promoting from within is great but very few of the leadership team from Executive down had leadership skills or training, and loyalty is to be celebrated as long as the employee is performing.  We went in and partnered with the President and his leadership team to shift the culture, establish guidelines for performance, implemented a branding philosophy to let the community know who they were and provided a combination of coaching and training to the leadership team.  Today this Company is known in New England as one of the fastest growing companies in the region; they have received several awards as employer of choice and for their fair treatment of employees and they’ve more than doubled their revenue in three years.

DKM World, a technology start-up

We worked with DKM World when they were in the early stages of the company; a start-up themselves. Over the course of a year, we helped them create a strategic vision for the company, identified a sustainable business model, and helped them hone their target market. We also worked closely with the 3 member C suite, in a weekly group coaching format, to help them become the kind of leaders who could make their vision a reality. The CEO and founder is now traveling non-stop (part of the vision he has), giving talks at incubators and universities around the country. They’ve got a steady stream of clients from the strategic relationships they’ve cultivated and are well on their way to making their vision a reality.

Manufacturing Companies

We have worked with several companies in the manufacturing industry that have been growing at a fast rate but have struggled with having the right Executives, Leaders and a strategic direction in order to handle the growth at maximum profitability and sustainability. We worked with the CEO’s and Executives to establish a strategic plan and direction to achieve their goals.  Once the strategic direction was in place we needed to uplevel the leadership skills throughout the organization.  This included shifting Leadership thinking, and establishing processes and tools to empower and engage employees so they could handle the new direction of their jobs and the company. We also help them understand the importance of consistency in leading, training and implementing process that align with the culture that emerges through our work with the Company.

Non-Profit Companies – Adeline LaPlante, Girl Scouts of Southeastern New England (GSSNE), and Workplace Wellness Council of MA (WWCMA)

Often we are called in to help a nonprofit organization to shift the culture and align the vision, mission and strategic plan with the culture. We help the team gain the business acumen to execute their strategic direction for success. We work with the CEO to identify critical skills and capabilities of their executive team in order to execute their strategic direction. We assess the Executive team and work with the CEO to make any modifications necessary. This is done in tandem with Executive coaching, leadership training and leadership coaching. The goal is to provide the leadership team the skills  and capabilities they need to empower employees and communicate effectively with volunteers.