Our System

We are a boutique firm, and every client is different. We custom design trainings and coaching experiences based on your unique needs.

We have a combination of unique delivery methods and processes that crack the code on establishing lasting behavior changes in a relatively short period of time. The Lead Like a C.O.A.C.H. proprietary and evolutionary system often eliminate months of frustration often associated with building a strong leadership pipeline and a cohesive, collaborative team.

From strategic business design, to culture development and leadership training, all the way to tactical HR practices, our methods can help your company become great while you’re simultaneously doing good things in the world.

While we custom design every client project, there are some universal needs that pop up repeatedly. They include:

  • Communication skills
  • Collaborative team development
  • Becoming a leader of character
  • Presence: understanding what really drives you and what triggers you so that you can grow into your best self

With these trainings, we see a remarkable shift in our clients’ ways of Being. Since you’ve read this far, we’ll let the cat out of the bag: what we’re really doing is helping people raise their level of self-awareness, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, social intelligence, and conversational intelligence. That’s really what makes companies great places to work, and what makes your people peak performers.

You’ll learn to lead like a C.O.A.C.H.: C.O.A.C.H. is an acronym for the five qualities of a conscious leader: Courage, Openness, Aligned, Creative, and Humble. These five qualities are essential to cultivate if you’re truly committed to being a conscious leader.

Our work is based, in part, on the work of Otto Scharmer’s Theory U, David Cooperrider’s Appreciative Inquiry, Frederic Laloux’s Reinventing Organizations, Mackey and Sisodia’s Conscious Capitalism, and Senge, Scharmer, Jawarski, and Flowers Presence: Human Purpose and the Field of the Future.

We are supported by an amazing team of trainers. Some of them have been trained in our methods, and we also work with other consultants whose work is complementary in cases where that’s appropriate.

About Us


About the Founders:

Carrie Beers, co-founder

Insightful, enthusiastic, dynamic, national and international leadership and business coach who uses her thirst for knowledge and education to design unique programs that bridge the distance between corporate culture, leaders, and employees in companies that believe success is earned through positive action. Combining her strengths in motivating and training, she has propelled leaders to look at themselves as well as their leadership approach in new ways in order to create an empowered workforce. She has built a business that offers national and international organizations opportunities to balance people and profits through innovative programs that drive a shift in leadership evolution and thought.  Carrie is a certified Change Management Specialist and Six Sigma Lean Professional.

Core competencies include: Visionary leader and motivator with a style that propels people to take action; excels at using strategic planning, change management and policy development to build collaborative teams, reduce turnover, improve morale, streamline processes, develop leadership teams and improve profitability; broad knowledge and hands-on experience working in high tech, service, nonprofit, manufacturing and startup industries.

In her spare time, Carrie loves to play golf (really well or badly, depending on who you ask), explore wineries, enjoying time at the ocean, volunteering with Hero’s to Hire, and mentoring recent college grads. She is a single mom to her 20-something son, and a budding standup comedienne.

Contact Carrie at carrie(at)leadlikeacoach(dot)com

Johanna Lyman, co-founder

Dynamic, energetic, Leadership and Business Development Coach, and Six Sigma Lean Professional (Green Belt) with impressive experience in implementing organization­ wide change strategies for both Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs. Adept in combining coaching, training, and project leadership skills to help clients build dynamic, sustainable revenue growth while creating deep meaning with their work.

Core competencies include: Motivational and visionary leader with superb analytical and root cause identification skills; laser­ focused determination in identifying and implementing leveragable models while rallying stakeholders to embrace change; knowledge of change principles and methodologies; proven success with implementing methods for confronting and eliminating barriers to change; exceptional communication, influencing, problem solving, and listening skills; quickly establishes rapport with diverse stakeholders.

In her spare time, Johanna is an avid paddler, a poet with a penchant for slam, wife to the best husband on the planet, and mom to a remarkable young woman who’s currently finding her way through the jungle of college.

Contact Johanna at johanna(at)leadlikeacoach(dot)com